We believe in useful and simple design, that solves the problems and needs of the users.

We work to improve kid’s experience through the products and services we design.

We care about your business and to design good solutions for your clients.

What we do…

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We collaborate with educators to have a better understanding of the kids; we research with non-invasive techniques how they behave, what they like and their habits to design better products for them.

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Product and service design

Based on the business goals and the digital strategy, we design products to improve the user experience and offer solutions to the users’ needs.

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Validation, measuring and iteration

We get involved in the validation processes of products or functionalities to measure if those are accomplishing the goals and iterating to improve the experience.

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We offer workshops and in-situ training adapted to the needs of the companies and startups creating digital products for kids.

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ABCKit for 5

App to play and learn new words

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App for kids with special education needs

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We’d love to tell you more about our work and see how can we collaborate.
You’ll find us at hello@arquinauta.es
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